Replacing front page banner slider with AI-powered image carousel triples CTR

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Control - Manually Designed Imagery

Variation - AI-Powered Banner Slider

“Product Hero helped us turn our product feed into beautiful banners. Instead of asking our designer for creative variants, we simply connected our feed to their banner automation service. As it delivers outstanding results in terms of conversion rates and revenue, we are integrating it to other sites in our portfolio as well.”

Peter Jenei, CEO at Inventurio


Originally, had hero banner carousel on their front page with an average CTR of ~2%. After replacing those banners by simply embedding a code-snippet in their site, Product Hero's AI delivered banner variants and optimized them for best CTR. 

The experiment goal was to significantly increase banner CTR and we allocated 50% of the site’s traffic to the test over a period of 14 days.


Together with Inventurio’s team we hypothesized that we can dramatically increase click-through rates from the front page to actual product pages by showing dynamically created imagery

Product Hero's AI can show any available product in a beautifully designed creative as well as automatically test multiple variants for the best performance.

After just a few days Inventurio’s marketing team measured overwhelming results - the variation with dynamic product images drove ~3x more clicks to actual product pages than previous versions.


Product Hero Variant

Original Version








“We tested multiple banner variants in the past in order to see what works and what doesn't, but it has been an incredibly slow process due to our overstressed and busy designer. Now all the work is done by Product Hero’s AI, we can focus more on strategic tasks.” 

– Peter Jenei / Inventurio

Takeaway: AI never stops optimising and testing.

Continuous experimentation with banner elements like CTA copy, colour and layout variants have an impact on conversion rates. Product Hero fully automates multivariate testing and it runs the best converting version of each product image.

Takeaway: manual design work can be replaced by AI.

While hero images or sliders take up most of the page’s space, merchants see low click-through rates. Placing sticky products into banners is essential but marketers simply don’t have the time and resources to get those banners designed, updated and tested. In most cases these offers aren’t replaced and varied too often.

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