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“Product Hero helped us turn our product feed into beautiful banners. Instead of asking our designer for creative variants, we simply connected our feed to their banner automation service. As it delivers outstanding results in terms of conversion rates and revenue, we are integrating it to other sites in our portfolio as well.”

Peter Jenei, CEO at Inventurio


Originally, had a mix of different static banners on their front page with an aggregate e-commerce conversion rate of around 2%. We added the AI-powered banner carousel to the mix, and tested it in different positions on the page.

We allocated the entire site's traffic to run the test over a period of 30 days.


Together with Inventurio’s marketing team we hypothesised that besides reaching higher click-through rates, we can dramatically increase e-commerce conversion rates as well, by automatically generating appealing product offers based on the daily product feed.


After 30 days the results were overwhelming: Product Hero's AI version reached a 77% higher conversion rate than original banners even if it was in the 2nd and 3rd position.


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Original Banners


Conv. rate






"We created so many onsite banners week after week, but we never thought a higher CTR and conversion rate would be possible. Product Hero’s AI takes over the entire creation and testing process and delivers better results. Double win!"

– Peter Jenei / Inventurio

automation takes out the hassle of banner creation.

Having well-designed banners at the storefront is essential but it seems to be a hassle for most marketers due to the lack of resources. Automated solutions weren't good enough to be presented at the most prestigious place of online stores. Until now. Product Hero's AI can design promotional banners just as good as a designer does. For any number of products and in hundreds of variants. Tirelessly, without limitations.

Visitors are more likely to click when they see a relevant offer that has a delightful, high contrast design with a clear, visually striking CTA.


great conversion optimiser and huge timesaver.

Revenue can be increased even more when automated banners are embedded not only into the front page but into product and category pages as well. The more pages you can put the banner on the higher the ROI.

It's a great add-on to your conversion optimisation efforts and at the same time it's a huge timesaver.

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